Grow your Audience

Seminar at Nurture Centre May 6th 10am - 2pm

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Growing your business in a community

Working in the field of 'people' can actually be pretty isolating at times? When do we spend time with other practitioners thinking about the services we each offer, or the practices we each follow which compliment one another. Where is the time for collaboration, or support - for us?!

Nurture Centre is not only here to provide a great space for you to deliver your sessions, but also a community where you can grow your business and connect with people who will support your goals.

Grow your audience is Nurture’s first community seminar, focused on supporting you to grow your business within the niche of Health & Wellbeing.

Within this seminar you will leave with

  • A clear understanding of marketing approaches for this industry

  • A clear identity of the exact person (or Avatar) who is your perfect client, and precisely how to connect with them

  • A 6 month marketing plan, sales funnel and guide for your own personal business

  • A review of online software to support your marketing plan

  • Start your web page. Nurture Practitioners receive a free page on the Nurture Website. Outside practitioners can update their own website/blog if required.

  • Knowledge of other therapists locally, with potential opportunities for collaboration.

If you would like to attend this course please complete click here and register.

The course is £25 and includes food and refreshments. It will be held at the Nurture Centre on the 6th of May from 10am - 2pm.