Energy healing works with the energetic fields around and within the body.

There are a number of healing techniques which offer way to clear away blocks in our energetic pathways, release toxins from the body and also has the ability to counter stress which makes for a truly relaxing and beautiful experience.


Reiki is an ancient healing art that comes from Japan and was re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui from Japan, this healing art invokes the "Universal Life Force" energy which is then channeled into a person by the laying of hands along a persons Chakras or energy centres.

Reiki works off the Eastern concepts of medicine in which Ki or Chi as it is called flows through our bodies freely through energy channels called meridians which allow our body to work work at its optimum state, however these energy channels can become blocked by inactivity, a poor diet, drug and alcohol abuse, emotional distress and negative thoughts and patterns which give rise to a series of discomforts or symptoms as they are called here in the West ranging from lethargy, low-mood and stress.


These 9 rites connect the initiate to a lineage of healers, teachers and to nature when s/he is ready to accept the call to become a steward for all of creation. The Munay-Ki initiate is capable of channeling the energy of these beings to help restore a client's health in a similar manner to how Reiki works and thus it is also appropriate to consider Munay-Ki a form of Shamanic Reiki.The treatment will proceed as follows:

We will be smudging your aura using white sage, then a short exercise in which you are asked to dredge up all of the emotion you're feeling regarding your symptom/experience and to blow it three times into a small stone to transmit some of that energy out of your energy field into the object. I will invoking the 6 directions, archetypes and ancestors of the tradition to aid us in your healing session, a gentle massage will be given near the occipital ridge to induce a mild trance to allow you to relax.

I will dowse each of your seven chakras with a pendulum to check their condition for blockages which hinder your energy flows, any negative energy will be removed and they will then be rebalanced by the Shamanic healing energy.

Some gentle pressure is then applied close to the ears to release this dense energy from the chakra channels.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing also comes from the realm of holistic and natural healing which taps into the energetic qualities and powers of crystals to influence a person's energy system. Each crystal has a different vibration or essence which makes them suited to a specific purpose and Chakra, crystals can be used to balance, align, add to, or draw energy from the body, particularly the Chakras.

There are many different types of crystals and here are some examples of them and their qualities:

Clear Quartz: This clear crystal is used for focusing and directing energy to improve energy balance

Rose Quartz: This Pink crystal works in matters of the heart and encourages love

Jade: A gentle Green stone that draws the energy of Mother Earth and healing

Black Onyx: This Dark stone can be used in both grounding and protection

I will begin by dowsing your auric field with a pendulum to detect any dense energy or blockages that need shifting.

I will then carry out a Chakra reading which involves me holding the pendulum several inches above each Chakra and the movement and direction of the pendulum will tell me the condition of your Chakras.

After I've made a note of your Chakra conditions I will then lay the crystals according to the seven Chakras and any other places I am intuitively drawn to.

As soon as the crystals are all placed appropriately I will then project Reiki through them to further power the experience of cleansing and rebalancing.

I will then use my crystal wand and Reiki to brush down your aura from head to toe 3 times to further brush away any energetic sludge remaining.

To seal the session I will circle the therapy bed 3 times with a crystal wand rebalancing your aura and sealing the session.


Wash away dense energy pockets and restore your health and vitality with Reiki. Feel the flow of energy return to your body and washing away any emotional cobwebs that may have been lingering for some time.


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