positive birth & parenting group

Positive Birth Group is a movement, where parents and expectant mums and dads meet in order to discuss various topics that help prepare for birth and parenting in a wholly positive manner.


nurture yourself and each other

The group is open to all, including babes in arms and older children


inspirational chats

This is an incredibly supportive group, with many people who attend forging great social connections with other parents who are like minded and at a similar journey of life.

Some of the topics of discussion include

  • Ideas about pain, and how to overcome them

  • Discussions about the last few days of pregnancy

  • Fear, and how to manage it

  • Cake!

In addition to the physical meets, the Positive Birth (& Parenting) Group is on Facebook....so even if you are not able to attend, you can still connect with other parents, get to know them online and form a support system.

Find out more about The Positive Birth Movement here




If you would like to join this wonderful group, you can come visit us at any venue, however if you would like to get in touch before hand in order to ask questions, double check if a meet is occurring (it is very very rarely cancelled), or to be added to the Positive Birth Group Facebook page, we'd LOVE to hear from you.

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