Nurture Markets - Preloved, Reloved

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Nurture Markets - Preloved, Reloved


28th of October, 10am - 1pm

Do you have any preloved clothing, toys, equipment, clothing, homeware etc and need to make some space in readiness for the Christmas craze?

Come on over to Nurture and hold a stand, selling off your lovely preloved items, enjoy the buzzing atmosphere, have some coffee and cake, and drive home with a weight off your shoulders and some pennies in your pocket!

Simply book a stand online, and we’ll look forward to seeing you on the 28th of October.

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Stand fee includes trestle table.

Tea and coffee available through the day.

The Centre will open from 9am for setting up. You can unload in the bus bay outside the front doors.

Selling Tips

  • Bring a table cloth

  • Label all items with pricing before the market

  • Bundle similar items together with ribbon or string (baby vests, sleep suits etc)

  • Presentation is important, group similar coloured clothing together

  • Bring some carrier bags for your customers

  • Don’t over price your items, it feels much better to leave without any of your old stuff

  • Re-price your items during the market

  • Have fun! We look forward to seeing you!!