Hypnobirthing Workshop

Hypnobirthing Taster-2.png
Hypnobirthing Taster-2.png

Hypnobirthing Workshop

from 30.00

5th October £30 per person, £45 per couple.

1pm - 3pm

Come and find out what everyone is raving about!

This intensive workshop will change the way you view birthing, fear and the unknown.

Hypnobirthing is changing the way women birth their babies. Say goodbye to knee jerking anxiety and say hello to feelings of empowerment, control and excitement for your labour.

You will be so happy you didn't miss out on this opportunity!


Couple/ Individual:

This is a brand NEW style of Hypnobirthing.

One workshop. Low cost. Easy to practice.

The internet has some wonderful resources that you can use for Free...so there is less reliance on information being taught within a group class.

Traditionally this course has been run over 5 weeks, 2.5 hours per session....which was actually really great! It gave parents an opportunity to meet like minded couples and air any difficulties they may have with the birthing journey....but it was bit of an expense at £210 per couple.

This NEW workshop looks to provide you with the information you can't so easily get for free. Its an intensive session which will teach you exactly how Hypnobirthing works, provide you with some insightful examples which will show you how you can over ride your pain impulses (and remain in control), as well as some guidance of where to go next with your personal practice.

Basically, this workshop is going to enable you to get into the zone, inspire you with scientific understanding of how the boating body really works, and guide you into the practices that will work best for your unique ways of thinking and feeling.

The price is £45 per couple or £30 per person.