April Hypnobirthing

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April Hypnobirthing

from 60.00

You’re in Luck!

The next Hypnobirthing Course starts on Saturday the 20th of April at 10.30am. This workshop runs over two Saturday’s

The dates and times for these chilled out sessions are….

Saturday 20th April 10.30am - 4.30pm

Saturday 4th of May 11am - 2pm

Choose to pay in Full or spread the cost by paying in Instalments or half now, half the next month)

(Instalments are £60 when booking, then £50 per month for 3 months)

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Let's Do This!

Get involved in one of the most sought after birth preparation courses around.

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You and your partner will learn how the birthing body works, and how fear can affect how the uterus functions. You will go on to learn a vast array of deep relaxation skills, visualisations, breathing techniques tailored to birthing.

Birth partners will get to know specific practices they can do in order to ensure fear is not part of your birthing process. This team approach is one of the special, bonding parts of this course.

Women and birth partners who feel in control, excited rather than scared, and focused on getting positive outcomes really do go on to have empowering experiences using this technique. 

Plus, your Midwife will thank you for an easy shift!

This course includes Book, MP3’s, Resource File & Refreshments (lots of cake!)

Over the 2 days of applied work, resources and support you will learn...

  • Why birth has been feared for decades, and how this has impacted on our current negative birth expectations, and how you can override this societal norm

  • The secrets behind calm, and what you can do in order to dodge the standard expectations of extreme pain

  • A full toolbox of techniques, strategies and tips that will keep you feeling contained, safe and ready for the big day

  • A programme to follow over the weeks of your pregnancy so you learn the skills like they are second nature

  • Skills and support to deal with the emotional side of pregnancy, birth and parenthood

  • Opportunity to meet like minded parents, and share experiences from practicing these incredible skills.

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Spaces are limited so please book as soon as you are able.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to get in touch using the form below.