Grow Your Audience Seminar


Grow Your Audience Seminar


We will be tinkering in the mechanics of what your business offers, and how you can laser focus your connection with your potential customers. We will also be setting up marketing plans that align with your business goals!

This seminar is focused on Health & Wellbeing businesses.

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How do you balance your down-to-earth practices with your marketing needs?

Would you like to reach more people, connect more deeply with customers and build bigger following?

Many people who practice in Health and Wellbeing have strong feelings of resistance to putting themselves out there and shouting from the rooftops how awesome they are.

Do you feel resistance to marketing how unique and wonderful your service is?

What is getting in the way of you connecting to others, growing your business and earning more money?


Money is energy. It's an exchange of value, and it begins with how you value yourself.

Do you truly communicate the worth of yourself and of your practice to others?


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People connect with you as a person and NOT your practice. They connect with WHY you do what you do, and NOT what you do. 

We develop relationships with people, and THAT is why they want to come to your sessions. 


Grow Your Audience Seminar

May 6th 10am - 2pm

  • Review how we connect with our clients, where are we meeting them? Who they are 

  • Create your personal Avatar...the person you are made to help and support.

  • Get your unique cocktail communicated perfectly to the masses, so the people who need your services connect with you. 

  • Techy stuff. Get the current marketing magic that works for your client group. Imagery, positioning, platforms, copy.

  • Get your avatar and magic potion out to the masses. We'll show you how to use your web page on Nurture.

  • Network with other, like minded, practitioners from around the area, and whom have or currently work at Nurture Centre.