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Monthly Sessions. Book now for this first sessions starting on February 2nd, 11am -12.30pm.

Early Bird Offer - Save £5 off by booking before 26th of January.

EMBODY is a free-form dance class guiding women to a place of wholeness by reclaiming their pleasure, power, and play. There is a balance of gentle guidance to connect with your body, balanced with encouragement to trust yourself and move as you want to. We dance for just under an hour, with time for connection and reflection before and after.

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You know when you’re driving in your car, and you hear a kick-ass song come over the radio, and all you want to do is bust a move? You don’t have the space to do it and even if you did, you wonder if you could really express all you’re feeling inside.

Your moves might be too much. You’re not sure if you’re doing it the ‘right’ way. And if anyone saw how you really want to move those gorgeous hips of yours, what would they think?

That’s why there is EMBODY.

Your soul has a dance. Your body has a dance.

You just need a safe space to let it out and be unapologetically you.

EMBODY is the place.

It’s where you get to try on ways of moving your body and expressing yourself that make you feel completely empowered, vibrant, and free. A place to reclaim your pleasure, power, and play and embody the woman you are created to be.

At EMBODY you get to dance your way into oblivion like nobody’s watching… because nobody is.

We get down to everything from house beats to Snoop Dogg to feel good top 40 songs.

You get to dance with other women who desire emotional fulfillment and release. All womxn, and those who identify as a womxn, are welcome here regardless of your shape or size or whether or not you ‘can’ or ‘can’t’ dance (guess what, you can). Here you will be held in a judgement-free space to express your full range of emotions and energies, and find your soul’s dance.

Bring your stressed, overwhelmed, messy, strong, sassy, playful self and dance it all out.

Finally, a dance class that meets you where you are. Join us!

Classes are £15. Save £5 and book ahead at least 7 days in advance.