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Yoga beichiogrwydd

move, breathe and relax

Nurture Centre offers a range of pregnancy yoga sessions for you to attend, meet other mothers and spend some much needed time on yourself. Guided by our experienced yoga teachers, Laura and Linda, you will be offered precious space to relax, unwind, bond with your growing baby and prepare your body and mind for birth and beyond.


so many benefits 

Yoga is one of the most healthy and supportive practices you can adopt during pregnancy. From the 2nd trimester onwards, yoga can support you to embrace the changes that happen on a physical, emotional and mental level. Classes will focus on:

  • strengthening the muscles required to support your bump as baby grows

  • how to relieve pregnancy related conditions such as back pain, anxiety, nausea, shortness of breath, SPD and PGP

  • breathing techniques to increase the oxygen available to you and baby and calm the mind during pregnancy

  • breathing techniques for birth

  • strengthening and releasing the pelvic floor muscles in preparation for labour

  • mindfulness & relaxation

  • bonding with your growing baby

Each 75 min class includes time for a cuppa and a chat with other mums to be. Many women come to yoga for the first time during pregnancy and find a practice to support and nourish them for a lifetime.


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Pregnancy Yoga with Linda 

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postnatal yoga                                               yoga ol-enedigol


Taught in 6 week blocks, our postnatal yoga course uses movement, balance, breath and relaxation to support body and mind after birth. Non-crawling babies are welcome to attend with mums, but you may also choose to take some time for yourself if that's an option for you. During postnatal yoga classes, the focus is on you, so that you feel refreshed and energised to care for your family.

Guided by Laura Karadog, a mother of two young children, you will learn how yoga can help you to:

  • Strengthen and stabilise your core muscles after childbirth

  • Tone and strengthen the upper body in preparation for lots of carrying and lifting!

  • Release the chronic tightness that can develop in the upper back, shoulders and neck from caring for little ones

  • Work with your breath to stay present and grounded during challenging moments of parenting

  • Cultivate patience and mindfulness to support our parenting journey

  • The importance of self care and relaxation for parents

The postpartum period lasts (at least) up to two years, so practicing yoga is a great way to get your strength back, take time for yourself, and even prepare for the next baby. The class is appropriate for women from 6 weeks post-partum or 8 weeks if you've had a cesarean birth. If you have any specific health concerns, please check with your doctor before attending class. 


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