Summer Solstice Yoga Evening


Summer Solstice Yoga Evening


July 8th 4pm - 9pm

This is a 1 day workshop  on the eve of the first full moon after Summer Solstice.

Price includes light vegetarian supper, which will be served downstairs in the Waverley Restaurant, or in the Courtyard (weather permitting).

During this workshop, we will explore the ancient human tradition of reverence and gratitude for the spiritual and physical life-giving energy of the Sun as part of Creation. 

We will practice the classic Hatha Yoga sequence Sūrya Namaskara, paying particular attention to the Breath so that the practice becomes a moving meditation – a subtle flow of energy which reflects our relationship to the Sun.

There will be a long Yoga Nidra and seated Meditation.

Through Prānāyāma – seated breathing practices and by sounding the ancient Bija-Mantra or ‘seed’ sounds associated with the Sun we hope to increase our awareness of Puruśa – the life-force or consciousness within us, which perceives clearly when we are still and quiet. This clear perception is one of the aims of Yoga.

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