Mammy & Older Baby Yoga (6-13months)


Mammy & Older Baby Yoga (6-13months)


This is a class designed for mothers/fathers with babies aged 6 months plus. 

At this ages your babies have stronger back muscles and are able to join in with more of the yoga poses. 
This class aims to get mum back to pre-pregnancy shape, helping to correct your posture and relieve those tightened muscles which are continually in use whilst you breast feed and carry your little one around. 
your baby can enjoy extra bonding time with mum/dad through movement and relaxation, joining in with poses where they can stretch their new muscles. 

The class starts with breath awareness, followed by a selection of seated and standing poses designed for both mum and baby, ending with a well earned time of relaxation. 

The class will be held at The Nurture Centre, located in Waverley stores Carmarthen.

Starting on Tuesday the 4th of July at 10am and runs for 1 hr.

The class will run every Tuesday for a 4 week period, last class being on the 25th of July.
Spaces must be booked and paid for in advance. 

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This is a class aimed at mums and babies that are 6 months plus. Babies at this age will have stronger back muscles and be able to join in with a lot more of the yoga postures. The postures can be practiced with or without baby, depending on yours and your baby's needs on the day. The class will start with breath awareness, followed by a range of stretches and yoga postures and end with a lovely relaxation. The focus for mums will be on gently working the muscles and slowly regaining strength, stamina and fitness. For baby this is a time to enjoy exploring new movements and new ways of relating to mum.

In the class feel free to carry on and breast feed, nappy change etc. This is a class for you to feel relaxed, there's no pressure to keep up, just take the class at your own pace.