Go OM Yourself

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Go OM Yourself


The alternative, alternative evening!

Are you a parent, spiritual seeker, OM junkie, social buddhist, none of the above?

Do you find "standard" nights out a bit impersonal?

Do you fancy a night out where you can chill, have fun, eat drink AND be merry ALL AT THE SAME TIME??

This is Nurture Centres uniquely altered state night....with no chemicals required (alcohol isn't a chemical right`?!!)....

We'll begin with an "altered" meditation/relaxation at Nurture Centre, lit up with candles, and sweet smelling oils....except this meditation isn't what you'd usually expect! This event should be avoided at ALL costs if you are offended by crass, hilarious language.

After a bit of CHILL, we have an exclusive reservation at Caffi Iechyd Da, who are opening late just for us!

There we'll have Vegan/Veggie tapas, wine, beer, or fresh juice or wonderful smoothies.

Everyone who will come to this event will be in the same headspace, so prepare to meet friends old and new, have a great time, and have some space to "LET THAT SHIT GO"!!!

Perfect for those of us who want a night out but still have to get home to do the night feed, or want a lovely start to a long night on the tiles!


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