Baby Mindful Course


Baby Mindful Course

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Starting on the 15th of January, for 6 weeks of beautiful calm, bonding sessions.

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So what is Baby Mindful?

Baby Mindful has been created for parents and babies with a range of activities based around nursery rhymes which will gently stimulate and calm your baby whilst supporting their natural development. The sessions have been designed to help encourage your baby's confidence and awareness along with their cognitive, communicative, social, emotional and physical development.

Whilst we recognise how much new parents want to help their little ones be calm and happy, we also know that it's equally (if not more) important for parents to have a sense of space and to feel calm too. Baby Mindful classes aim to provide for both your needs - helping you to feel more calm and relaxed while you bond with your baby in a quiet, unhurried environment.

Baby Mindful classes incorporate the unique Relax Kids seven step approach and include movement, play, gentle stretching, gentle baby touch, breathing exercises for parents, affirmations and visualisations/relaxation.

Move. Play. Stretch. Feel. Breathe. Believe. Relax.

Who is Baby Mindful for?

Feedback from parents who have attended Baby Mindful classes confirms that both baby and parent feel calmer following sessions, with many parents reporting that their babies sleep for longer after the class.

Parents have also commented that they feel more able to meet their baby's needs in a calm and centred way, and feel that this has made a huge difference to their confidence as new parents.