Indian head and Aromatherapy Massage, Rolfing, Reflexology


It's so important to Nurture yourself at all stages of life, and pregnancy and parenthood are no different!

Nurture Centre will offer a range of options for massage, many of which are child and baby friendly. As they are organised, we shall post details here.

Indian Head Massage

by Glynis Lazenby


Take some time out and treat yourself to a wonderfully relaxing Indian Head and Shoulder Massage.

We call it a treat, but it also has many benefits to health and well-being.

Some of these include

  • preventing headaches, migraines and shoulder tensions
  • promoting hair growth
  • stimulating lymphatic drainage
  • relieve sleepiness, insomnia and restlessness
  • can relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • renews energy
  • boost memory

This treatment can be given while you relax in a comfortable chair, and have your baby or toddler cwtched on your lap or playing beside you in our baby-safe Nurture space.



by Glynis Lazenby

The word 'Aromatherapy' has been around since the early 20th century, but the practice of using naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants, flowers and trees, in order to aid mind and body has been going on for a very very very long time!!!!


This aromatherapy massage treatment takes into account both your physical and emotional state, and focuses on holistically enhancing your general wellbeing.

Your personalised blend of oils will be mixed up depending on your specific needs.

This special blend of oil will then be gently massaged into your body, absorbing into your skin and passing into the blood stream. The aromatic experience of these oils will relax you as you inhale the molecules into through your nose, and also absorbed through the skin.

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Expect to feel soothed in mind and body, revitalised, immune boosted, spiritually uplifted, and will enable you to leave the session with a positive outlook on the day ahead.

Glynis Lazenby offers Indian Head Massage, and Aromatherapy Massage on Wednesdays. 

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with James McCormack

Rolfing is a physically applied technique which works to improve structure, posture and movement of the human body.

Mae Rolffio yn driniaeth gorfforol sydd yn gweithio ar wella strwythur ac ystum y corff a'n gallu i symud.


ironing out the creases / smwddio'r crychau


In the process of Rolfing, mobilising the connective tissue will have positive effects. Over-all relief and well-being can be achieved. Your body’s natural relationship to gravity will be restored and your body will be in balance again. 

Mae Rolffio yn gweithio ar feinwe cysylltol y corff i greu effeithiau positif, gan gynnwys lleddfu poen a chynyddu llesiant. Bydd perthynas naturiol eich corff gyda disgyrchaint yn cael ei adfer a bydd eich corff mewn cydbwysedd unwaith eto. 



huge benefits / buddiannau enfawr

– For people who feel out of balance and chronically tense / I bobl sy'n sy'n teimlo'n anghytbwys ac yn dioddef tensiwn cronig

 - For people who are exposed to unilateral strain at work / I bobl sy'n agored i straen unochrog yn y gwaith

For people who wish to improve their agility and their body awareness (e.g. for sports, yoga, dancing, acting) / I bobl sydd eisiau gwella eu hystwythder a'u ymwybyddiaeth o'u cyrff

During Rolfing sessions you lie relaxed on a padded table, and the 'Rolfer' will apply sensitive and precise pressure to specific areas of your body. 

Yn ystod sesiynau Rolffio, byddwch yn gorwedd ar fwrdd tylino cysurus tra bydd yr ymarferwr yn gosod pwysau sensitif a manwl i rannau penodol o'ch corff.

Find out more about Rolfing, or book your session by completing the simple form below.

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with Joanna Jones

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient form of complementary therapy influenced by acupressure and zone therapy that works by applying gentle pressure to reflexes found on the feet. The feet are a perfect map of the whole body. All organs and functions of the body are represented in reflex points on the feet. By applying a gentle pressure on those points we balance the whole body and and stimulate its own ability to heal.

It is a holistic approach which looks beyond the presenting conditions and symptoms and builds the bigger picture to help us to understand our health.

Reflexology is safe and effective for promoting relaxation and improving health and well being.  It is now widely recognised within the health care sector and complements conventional medicine.

If you’re feeling tired, not sleeping, stressed, worried, suffering with pain or just feel that you need to get back on an ‘even keel’ again, reflexology can help alleviate many symptoms. Simple relaxation is often the key to better health. We often recognise the psychological impact of stress but rarely acknowledge the role it plays in aggravating disease and its impact on the whole body. There is nothing that beats stress quite as effectively as relaxation and reflexology does just that. 

To find out more or to book an appointment with Joanna please contact her on 07812 156 585, or email

Beth yw Adweitheg?

Mae adweitheg yn ffurf hynafol ar therapi cyflenwol a ddylanwadwyd arno gan acwbwysedd a therapi parthau sy’n gweithio drwy roi pwysau ysgafn ar fannau penodol ar y traed. Mae’r traed yn fapiau bach o’r corff cyfan. Mae’r corff i gyd yn cyfateb i bwyntiau penodol ar y traed. Wrth roi pwysau ysgafn ar y pwyntiau hynny rydym yn cydbwyso’r corff a’i annog i adfer ei hun.  Caiff holl systemau’r corff eu hymegnïo a’u sbarduno er mwyn creu esmwythâd dwfn a theimlad o les cyffredinol.

Mae adweitheg yn ddiogel, ac yn ffordd effeithiol i annog ymlacio, hybu iechyd, yn ogystal â gwella ansawdd bywyd. Erbyn hyn, mae’n cael ei dderbyn o fewn y sector gofal iechyd, ac mae’n gweithio’n effeithiol law yn llaw gyda meddygaeth gonfensiynol.

Os ydych yn teimlo’n yn ddi-egni, yn methu cysgu, o dan bwysau, yn bryderus, yn boenus, neu yn teimlo anghydbwysedd cyffredinol yna gall adweitheg fod o gymorth pendant i ddelio gyda hyn. Yn aml gall ymlacio fod yn sbardun i adfywio iechyd. Rydym yn barod i dderbyn bod byw o dan bwysau yn creu problemau seicolegol, ond heb ystyried y gall hyn greu afiechydon sy’n effeithio ar y corff i gyd.

I drafod ymhellach neu i wneud apwyntiad gyda Joanna plis cysylltwch â  hi ar 07812 156 585, neu ebostiwch