Nurture centre

1st Floor Waverley Stores, 23 Lammas St
Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 3AL


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Nurture Centre is located on the 1st floor within the Waverley Stores.

The store is on the right hand side of the street as you walk out of town, and 'with' the one way traffic.

Look for the Crimea War Memorial Monument, which is set out into the road.

The Waverley building is just a few shops on from this.

Opposite the Drovers Arms Public House.




Lammas Street

There is a small display car park close to Nurture Centre (Waverley Stores). This is located on the left hand side, before you meet the Crimea Monument (as pictured above).

It does not have many spaces, but is perfectly placed to get to the Nurture Centre, and is especially convenient if you have a morning, or evening appointment.

You can park for free after 6pm.

There is also some on-street parking just outside the store, however this is only to be used for evening appointments after 6pm (again free).

There is a maximum allocated time of 30 mins for on-street parking during the day time.